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About Us

About Our Company

California Radomes™ has been in operation since 1980 and has developed a reputation as a leader of Radome repair and overhaul within the Aircraft Industry. We have the finest selection of Aircraft Radome Accessories in the world and can ship wherever needed. We have built our reputation on providing high quality at excellent prices.

California Radomes™ is a FAA approved and EASA accepted. As a member of the RTCA Special Committee 173 (SC-173), California Radomes™ helped write the “Minimum Operational Performance Standards” (MOPS) for nose-mounted radomes.

California Radomes Advantage

Why we are better than the competition:

California Radomes is special FAA Repair Station as we are a small family business. We have been in business specializing in Radomes and composites since 1980. Our knowledge of radomes and composites is second to none. We have serviced most of the major airlines, US and Foreign militaries and many business jets.

We pride ourselves on fine workmanship, high levels of quality and most importantly taking care of our customers’ needs and requirements. We treat our employees as part of our family and that kind of relationship is shared onto how much hard work and dedication goes into making California Radomes better and the customer’s end product. Gary Garcia (owner) is one of the founding members of the RTCA DO-213 document regarding radome transmissivity testing. Our test range is Boeing and Airbus verified.

We believe in OEM repairs and materials. We have 24/7 technical support from the leading MFG such as Boeing, Bombardier and Airbus. We do not use or install PMA parts unless supplied and / or approved by the customer. We have our own internal FAA approved repair processes and DER approvals for those special circumstances. We also believe in high quality paint finishes. We are trusted with some of the most important planes in the world as well as the ones our family flies on. Ultimately we take pride in our work.

We are not a big company that has many sales men and customer service representatives. We value our timely manner to get the customer their parts quoted rapidly, repaired or overhauled in a timelier manner (under 30 days or less) and we like to communicate with our customers. Building a business relationship goes further than just an email; it is speaking to a person and knowing their requirements for their business side as well. If you need something all you have to do is ask for Gary or Tony and I am sure we will get it taken care of for you and your customer(s). 

California Radomes has got you covered…